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Our Founder, Fred Tessier

With over 15 years experience in the fields of business management, marketing and creative services, Fred Tessier has made successful strides throughout his professional career with leadership, strategy, and collaboration. Equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit and serving as a Brooklyn native, Fred immediately started his journey right after graduating from college at the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in business management, and then later securing his Masters degree in marketing and advertising from Southern New Hampshire University. After his journey in college, Fred evolved throughout the corporate ladder as a marketing consultant in the Fortune 500 sector where he was known for his leadership acumen, his strategic ability in helping companies solve complex problems, building operational teams, and also driving success in brand recognition and consumer engagement.

In 2003, Fred founded and launched Keen Management Group (KMG), a strategic marketing, management and creative service consultancy that develops, manages and executes brand strategies, marketing programs, and advertising campaigns for global brands and businesses. Today, Fred and his Keen Team continue to serve customers with valued expertise, including helping change the landscape and narrative of the digital transformation. Over the years, KMG has provided service for retained clients such as Google, BMW, MetLife, MasterCard, Procter & Gamble, and Kimberly Clark to name a few. All of which have trusted Fred and his team’s vision to lead their company’s marketing efforts.

More than a decade after, Fred founded and launched Tessier Property Group, a privately held real estate investment corporation and premier realtor group based in New Jersey, with financial stake and interest in residential and commercial real estate properties, including helping customers buy, sell, and rent real estate properties. Today, Fred serves as TPG’s Founder and Managing Director where he manages an incredible group of real estate professionals that look to make a substantial impact in real estate investments. Fred also provides valuable realtor services for customers in the State of New Jersey, including referrals to other markets and regions. As a businessman for over 15 years, Fred values professionalism, leadership, customer service, strategy & consistency, and therefore uses all of those efforts to help his clients fulfill their real estate goals. As he looks to grow his TPG corporation, it’s those things that drive his passion in the real estate market.

“The real estate business has been a topic in my household for over 30+ years now. When I was a kid at 10 years old, my mom started off as an administrative assistant at a real estate agency, and then worked her way to becoming a licensed agent where she focused on tenant rentals and home sales in the city of Brooklyn (New York). Seeing her in her business element was always admiring, especially because I learned a lot of successful business tactics from her, including driving real estate sales, customer service, organizational management, and administration.

As I got older (shortly after college), we both worked in different industry’s (me in marketing and mom in real estate), however, I was always intrigued about new ways to diversify my financial portfolio as an investor, and also how to help others attain financial freedom through successful investment strategies. One thing that I learned from my Mom was that the real estate business had one of the greatest returns amongst any investment opportunity in the marketplace. She showed me that market data in the U.S. proved that every millionaire earned their wealth through real estate, which was therefore substantially greater (and most times quicker) than many other investment strategies.

At TPG, my goal for the company will be to continue growing and strengthening our financial portfolio on the investment side of the real estate business, however, I also find great reward and joy in helping others purchase or sell their home as an investment property. In the same manner, I also look forward to helping business owners grow their businesses by finding the perfect commercial property for them, including those of which can serve as investment locations as well. Through our brokerage partnership, we look forward to fulfilling these opportunities every single day”.

While Fred’s focus is deeply rooted in his passion for business, entrepreneurship and real estate, Fred’s passion also comes by way of his Christian Faith, and also through philanthropic efforts. Whether it be a missions initiative through poverty alleviation, financially helping grow education in international regions, or providing inspirational life coaching tactics to others, Fred attests that his purpose is embedded in serving people through faith, love, hope and strategies for life.

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