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Ready To Buy

Secure a good credit score (recommended to be 675 or higher).

Get your finances in order (preparing for all of your real estate costs/fees, including an attorney, appraisal, inspection, closing costs, rehab & development, contingencies, etc.).

Shop for a mortgage and get pre-approved by a loan broker.

Hire an attorney, and also hire an accountant to be a part of your team.

Hire TPG to serve as your exclusive agency (powered by our brokerage partnership with eXp Realty). During that process, be sure to review and discuss all the important factors of your purchase, including location, neighborhood / community, price, square footage, property features, must-have’s, etc.

TPG will give you direct access to all the property listings online in New Jersey for your review. Once you’ve viewed the property listings online (and have selected the ones you like), TPG will then make arrangements for you to visit the property in person. When you find the right property (whether for residential or commercial use), TPG will help you negotiate the offer with the seller, coordinate the contract for sale and deposit, submit for attorney review, and also prepare all of the necessary administrative steps needed for closing.

Hire a Property Inspector.

Schedule and wait for the appraisal.

Get your home loan approved with your loan broker.

Close on the property, and move in!