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Ready To Sell

Decide if you are in fact ready to sell your property by understanding if you have enough equity in the property, if you can afford a new home, and if you have money set aside for minor upgrades, closing costs, etc.

Hire an attorney, and be sure to also discuss your financial arrangements with your accountant.

Hire TPG to serve as your exclusive right to sell agency (powered by our brokerage partnership with eXp Realty) to help you prepare the home, market your home, and also find you a buyer. Simultaneously, TPG can also assist you in finding a new property as well.

Choose the right time to sell your property. This can be contingent to where your new property will be, and also when it will be available.

Declutter your home or property and remove any personalized items.

Invest in temporary outside storage.

Make small upgrades to your property and prepare staging and interior design elements, photography and video production, and also curb appeal. (Note: TPG also offers staging and interior design services at a separate fee, and also provides complimentary creative development services such as photography and video production).

Discuss with TPG how much you want to sell the property for.

TPG will then list your home or commercial property for sale, and will also coordinate all marketing and advertising, including scheduling an open house with potential buyers.

TPG will help you negotiate the offer with the buyer, coordinate the contract for sale and deposit, submit for attorney review, and also prepare all of the necessary administrative steps needed for closing.