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Ready To Sell

Hire TPG to serve as your exclusive right to sell agency (brokered by eXp Realty). When you hire our team, we’ll walk you through the process of selling the property, we’ll help you prepare the property for the public, we’ll help you market the property, and we’ll also find you a buyer. Simultaneously, TPG can also assist you in the process of finding a new property; as you sell your current home.

Decide if you are in fact ready to sell your property by understanding if you have enough equity in the property, if you can afford a new home, and if you have money set aside for minor upgrades, closing costs, etc.

Once you make the decision to sell your home, we will send you the listing agreements for review and electronic signature.

You will need to hire an attorney in order to represent you, and also kick off the 3-day attorney review period. If needed, we can make recommendations to many great attorneys that we work with. Please be sure to connect with us before finalizing your legal team.

Declutter your property and remove any personalized items.

Make small upgrades to your property and prepare staging and interior design elements, photography and video production, and also curb appeal.

TPG will then list and show your property to the general public, and will also coordinate all marketing and advertising activities for the home, including scheduling an open house with potential buyers.

We will help you review all of the offers that were sent by the Buyers, and we’ll also make a recommendation on the best offer to select.

Once you accept an offer, your attorney will kick off the 3-day attorney review period (see Step 2).

Once you have concluded the attorney review period, the Buyer will submit their escrow deposits in an interest bearing account; held by your or the Buyer’s attorney’s office.

The Buyer’s will hire a Home Inspector to go through the depths of your property.

The Buyer’s lender will schedule a home appraisal to learn the value of the home.

The Buyer will get their loan approved with their lender. Once approved, they will have the “clear to close”. Note: Title Search happens during this time.

Close on the property, and get your funds wired to your bank account.